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Greetings. This is Brad speaking . . . typing. Let me tell you a little about my relationship with Jon and how he came to be a cartoon character in The Green House. . . I first heard Jon Michaels sing on a local radio talk show in Hartford, CT. Radio celebrity, Jim Vicevich at WTIC was playing some of Jon’s songs and I instantly fell in love in with, ”The World Goes On.” The opening harmonica grabbed me and then the singing, guitar and lyrics whisked me away. It's one of those songs that speaks of life in a simple and meaningful way.

Jon came North from Nashville to sing with Will Kimbrough at a charity event hosted by Jim Vicevich and that's where I met him. It was just your normal introduction, "love your music" stuff, and then we started talking about whether Jon would be interested in coming back to help my brother Guy and I with our annual charity golf tournament/concert for a disease called Scleroderma.

Jon said, "Absolutely. Tell me when and where and I'll be there." He even offered to fly up on his "own dime." Jon's an independent artist, looking for a chance to sing his songs, cut records and have other artists record his stuff, and he’s had some great success with his songs being sung by some of Nashville’s best. He is easily one of the most talented songwriters writing Country, Americana and Adult Contemporary music today. But in Nashville, there are (according to Jon) about 5,000 singer/songwriters just like him. . . all in the same situation, working hard and hoping for that first huge hit. I’m hoping “New Shade Of Blue” will be that big hit for Jon as a performer. There may be 5,000 people LIKE Jon in Nashville, but believe me, there is only ONE Jon.

You may recognize Jon from his days with Christina Pirello on the PBS show, Christina Cooks. Jon somehow found his way into a Vegan cooking show and shared his music while Christina cooked. Christina’s a great cook- but Jon was always the highlight of the show for me. After filming last year's episodes of Christina Cooks, Jon made the decision to go back to the road and to his music full time, to see if that level of devotion would finally pay off. His latest CD, "I Hear A Clock" is clearly the product of all that talent and devotion coming together in an amazing and powerful new recording.

Well, Jon and I discovered that we are kindred souls- his passion is in music, while mine is in writing- but our love for the simple things keeps us who we are. Jon has helped me with another of my projects, A Peace Pole For Canton, by delivering two standing ovation concerts to raise major funds for this incredible community project (more on the Peace Pole in our Main Page Photo Gallery).

Jon, Peter and I are so fortunate that we‘ve been able to create our own situations and unique ways to do what we do (fortunate too, that we have amazing wives that encourage and support us). For example, I'm sure Jon wasn’t just sitting around one day thinking, "Gee, I wish I could be a singer on a Vegan cooking show.” And it took a chance meeting at the National Cartoonists Annual Rueben Awards for Peter and I to discover each other, and the opportunity to collaborate on a project that we’re both passionate about, The Green House.

Jon's beautiful soul and talents are going to bring all the good things he deserves into his life. . . success, happiness AND a part time gig in The Green House. While working on some new storylines, we decided that Todd needs a brother . . . a brother that is just as creative (and concerned) as Todd is, but with a different talent. . . music. Jon is joining The Green House as Todd's troubadour brother and will be introduced within the first few weeks of the comic (but you get a sneak preview here!).
We also were blessed when Jon graciously agreed to let us use "The World Goes On" as our web site's theme song.

"Somebody's gonna laugh today. . . somebody's gonna cry today. . .somebody's gonna take their very first breath of life today."

Hopefully, they'll be laughing at our comics and enjoying all the lovingly complex, yet simple messages that song speaks of reflected in the writing and art of The Green House.

"The world goes on and on and on, it's good, it's bad, it's right, it's wrong- It's fair, it's not, it's all the world we've got. . . "

That's what Jon, Peter & I are talking about . . . “It's all the world we've got.” We all have the chance to make a difference, to make choices that make the world a better, more conscious place to live. I know we made a good choice in asking Jon to be the “singing voice” of The Green House.

It's pure joy to have Jon's voice greet each and every visitor to our web site. I just hope he doesn't mind all the stuff we're going to put his character through!

Here are the very first appearances of Jon Michaels Green in The Green House. Hope you enjoy them and hope you consciously surf on over to Jon’s website and enjoy more of his music. Which CD to buy? All three. Seriously, you’ll be glad you did.

Jon’s web site link is at the end of this page, and on the GH main page. Thank you for coming by The Green House.

You can learn more about Jon (and buy his cds! ;o) ) here: http://www.jonmichaelsmusic.com

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